Sara Heitlinger

Privileged Tactics III

With Franc Purg

Privileged Tactics is a series of projects about how different groups of people use creativity to survive.

PT3 presents models for people to use technology creatively in their interpersonal relationships.

The Fight-A-Tron is a therapeutic game that couples can play in times of crisis. First, a topic is chosen for the current game. Each partner records into the simulator experessions of emotion such as anger, frustration, desire, etc. They can then interact with the device to activate the sounds and simulate a dialogue. The dialogue starts calmly but the faster the parts are moved, the more hysterical and heated it becomes. (The project uses RFID technology and was coded in Processing.)

The Translinternet is a model for dealing with jealousy in long-distance relationships between couples who use different languages in their email and other textual correspondences. It uses an on-line translator to offer partners more control over their fears and insecurities.

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