Sara Heitlinger

London Mobile Seed Bank

An mobile interactive seed bank based at Skip Garden in London

Connected Seeds and Sensors

An internet-connected seed library to tell the stories of seeds, plants, and the people who grew them

Bug Hotel

An experiment in inter-species cooperation, a place for rest, contemplation and education, a living sound sculpture

Talking Plants

An interactive installation to learn about growing edible plants


The Talking Quilt

A collaboratively-made interactive textiles quilt exploring the connections between food, food-growing and community


Nothing to worry about

An interactive performance for one person, to break down the barrier between performer and audience


Privileged Tactics III

Survival tactics for couples in times of crisis


Privileged Tactics II

An interactive installation highlighting the rubbish-recycling community in Cairo, and a model for individual environmental responsibility


Privileged Tactics I

When is stealing a crime, and when is it a privileged activity?

What is it that moves us?

Explores the fears in our society, and the link to totalitarianism within the context of the London Olympics in 2012

travelling lives

Travelling Lives

A participatory project with the Romany Gypsy community in the East Midlands exploring identity, memory, freedom and aspiration

Utopian Vision

How would public transport be different if it was designed by people with visual impairments?

The Private Collection

An audio-tour of the British Library

Tallis Soundscapes

Highschool students create an audio tour of their school

Housemate Required

Between Sunday 11th of April and Wednesday 26th of May 2004 I was invited into 17 different homes.