Sara Heitlinger

Utopian Vision

Site-specific installation, Milton Keynes, 2007

How would public transport be different if it was designed by people with disabilities? This project imagines a utopia of public transport in the not-too-distant future, where everyone benefits.

I worked with a group of visually-impaired people, to explore their sensitivity to the problems with the current public transport system. Participants used sound recording equipment as a research tool. Together with creativity, they have designed new models for public transport that benefit everyone.

A site-specific audio installation was created for the Midsummer Place shopping centre in Milton Keynes.


Part one – the challenges (3' 39):

What is it that moves us?


What is it that moves us?

(2' 7)

What is it that moves us?

(2' 10)

What is it that moves us?

(2' 12)

The workshops

The exhibtion

Image by Wendy Grant